At IFAT 2018 the new environmental technology start-up PÖTTINGER Fermenter is unveiling its innovative recycling technology to the broader trade public.

Mobile biogas system. For the PÖTTINGER Fermenter, this description is too short. The innovative, container-based system may be extremely mobile and it may generate biogas with outstanding efficiency from organic waste, but it represents so much more besides. Through the consistent use of nature’s cycle principle, the PÖTTINGER Fermenter combines biogas generation and simultaneous compost recovery in a single, modular solution that addresses both ecological and economic criteria.

The system comprises a central container box with integrated control unit, to which up to 15 Fermenter boxes can be connected. The advantage of this modular structure lies primarily in its rapid adaptability when capacities change, e.g. due to seasonal fluctuations. Annual outputs of 1,000 – 5,000 tonnes can therefore be covered with flexibility. The self-contained system inside the Fermenter boxes also means a significant reduction in odour emissions with sensitive input materials, such as leftover food, out-of-date produce and sewage sludge.

The fermentation of organic residues is based on the principle of dry fermentation. A three-stage fermentation process is introduced as an interim stage during the composting process, allowing CO2-neutral biogas and thermal energy to be recovered. After this, the compost can be used as a high-quality humus fertiliser in order to sustainably safeguard the fertility and performance of the soil as a natural resource.

As a highlight of the trade fair, we are providing a daily shuttle service to view our DEMO facility.

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